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Transitioning Your Child

Advice Catered to You

The transition for children into childcare is an important milestone for children and families. This transition can be challenging and emotional for both the parent and the child. Therefore, we offer you this information to help the transition process.

We invite families to come for an orientation the week before they start: stay in the centre with your child, meet the carers and make yourself familiar with the routines prior to your child’s first day. This assists you and your children to feel more at ease and comfortable with the new environment.

How to Enrol

Once you have worked out your options for child care and taken a centre tour, you’ll be in a good position to pick the right centre for your child. Enrolling at Cornerstone Children’s Services is simple! Our carers answers all your questions and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Enrollment forms can be found on our website. To follow the instructions, click here.

If you haven’t already checked your eligibility for government subsidies, speak to WINZ.

How to Prepare

The best way to prepare your child for childcare is to get excited! It’s the start of an amazing period of growth and development for them. If you’re happy they’re more likely to be happy.

What to Expect on the Day

First days can be challenging for both parents and children, so it’s natural to feel a bit anxious about this big change to the family routine. Our centre staff are more than happy to explain the process of dropping off your child and saying goodbye. We encourage families to contact the centre at any time to check on their child and how their day is progressing.

Families are also welcome to visit at any time of the day, without prior notice. At the end of each day you can talk to your child’s Room Leader or read through their observations to get a feel for how well your child is adapting to the change.

Your centre will do everything to help your child to settle in quickly. Before you know it, they’ll have made new friends and be running in without even a wave goodbye! If you feel your child is having difficulty settling into the centre, please feel free to discuss this with the carers in your child’s room or the Centre Nominated Manager.

​Further information is provided to families in the Centre’s Enrolment pack to aid the transition and settling process.

Come to visit us

To really get a feel and experience our centers, we recommend taking a tour.

Childcare Checklist

When first entering your child into one of our centres, it can be daunting and you may have many questions. That is completely normal as you are going to be leaving your child in someone else’s care. As a parent, you need to feel confident in the centre and team.

Therefore, we have devised a checklist to assist you in making your decision.

Physically visiting a centre will help a lot in making your decision. At the centre you can ask all your questions, meet the carers, prepare and experience the overall feel of the centre.

At Cornerstone Children’s Services, we offer an orientation week when you can come with your child as much as you want to get them to know their new environment and carers.

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